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On July 10 2013, Silanex cooperated with famous military industrial enterprise to research new-generation of portable fuel cell. It has many advantages of easily carry and use, no pollution and high efficiency.

S600 has high bonding strength, strong sealing and corrosion resistance to satisfy the use of fuel cell.





Silanex Encyclopedia: What is fuel cell?


Fuel cell is a kind of generation device which translate the chemical energy existing in fuel and oxidant directly into electrical energy. Put fuel and oxygen into fuel cell and electric was wonderfully produced. Due to its positive/negative electrode and electrolyte, fuel cell seems like a battery from the outside, but it is actually is a ‘power plants’. It requires electrodes, electrolyte and the REDOX reaction to generate electricity.



Over the years people have been trying to find the energy utilization method with both higher efficiency and no pollution. Fuel cell is the ideal power generation technology.

Fuel cell is very complex. It involves many other related scientific theories like chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, catalysis, materials science, electric power system and automatic control. It also possesses many advantages of high power generation efficiency and less environmental pollution.

Fuel cell has a very extensive use range including military, space, power plants, vehicles, mobile equipment and household etc. Early period of its development focus on the professional applications on military or space of kilowatt-level distributed generators. The electric vehicles has become the main direction of fuel cell applications. There has been a variety of automotive generated by fuel cell power. In addition, another developing direction is to apply fuel cell on general consumer electronics by the miniaturization technology. Under the progress of technology, the future miniaturization fuel cell will be able to replace the existing high-value products such as lithium battery or nickel metal hydride battery to become the power of portable electronic products like laptop, wireless phone, VCR and camera etc. Over the past 20 years, fuel cell has experienced many stages of development types such as alkaline fuel cell, phosphate, molten carbonate and solid oxide etc. The research and application of fuel cell is in rocket speed development. Of all the fuel cells, AFC has the most rapidly developing speed. The main application of AFC is at space, including power for shuttle and drinking water. PEMFC has been widely used as the traffic power and small power supply device. As a medium power application of the commercialization stage, PAFC is the first choice for civil fuel cells. MCFC also has completed the industrial test stage. As a late start of SOFC, it has the most profound application of fuel cell power generation field. SOFC is the preferred object for future large-scale clean power station.