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In Auguts 2013, Silanex Technology formally marched into thermalelectric semiconductor industry

Cooperated with Tel Aviv-Yafo engineering school, it can effectively upgrades the service time and efficiency features of thermoelectric semiconductor equipment by utilizing its high working temperature adaptability (-40℃ to 150℃). Its conductive adhesive not only fits the quick change of working environment temperature of thermoelectric refrigerator, but also solves the heat-cycle bottleneck problem under operating. The technology has been successfully applied to large thermoelectric semiconductor manufacturers in Ukraine and Russia.





Silanex Encyclopedia: What is thermoelectric semiconductor?

The thermos-electric effect is a current charge accumulation phenomenon caused by heated electrons moving from high temperature to low temperature. The effect value is measured by thermopower (Q) and is defined to Q=E/-dT (E means electric-field accumulated by charge; dT means temperature gradient)


Thermoelectric semiconductor has wide-range of applications, including military, medical, manufacture, consumer goods, science-laboratory and telecom industry. 


It spans from family picnic freezer to the precise temperature control-system of missiles or aircraft. The thermoelectric refrigerator is an active cooling system but the ordinary radiator only provides passive cooling.