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With the growing development of optical communication, optical fiber communication is the major transmission mode of various kinds of communication networks. 

Optical fiber communication plays an important role in the construction of inforbahn. Communication equipment has a highly requirements on high-temperature reliability and components paste precision.

ST0903 has features of low shrinkage rate, fine temperature resistance and long-term reliability, which is also widely used in optical communication industry.




Silanex encyclopedia: What is optical communication?

Optical communication is a kind of communication carried by light waves. There are two way to increase the light path bandwidth: improves the single channel of fiber transmission rate; increases the wavelengths number of single fiber transmission ---- WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing technology)



The strategic position of Optical communication

In the 30s of this century, someone put forward the view that, ‘One day the optical communication will replace cable and microwave communication to become a mainstream communications.’ It reflects the importance of future communication.

Today, optical communication technology has been very mature. Optical fiber is a main transmission mode in a variety of communication network. It also plays an important role in the construction of infobahn. Many developed countries in Europe and the United States have already put the optical fiber communication in the national development strategic position.

Right now the use of fiber is not limited to continent; it has been laid in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, which has made global communication simple and quick. Many developed countries have paved fibers cable to front houses to realize fiber-office and fiber-home. In addition to the increasing needs of information transmission and exchange, the reasons of optical fiber communication technology developing so quick is mainly decided by many advantages of itself.